What are we doing during lockdown?

During a time when we are confined to our homes, Ferry Warblers are finding lots to do. From jobs around the house and garden that have been neglected for so long, to new hobbies and projects. Here are a few – keep sending us those photos:

Geraldine knitted some animals……
….. and baked lovely cakes….
……… and malt loaf. Mmmm. Can you smell it?
Julie’s been painting the garden shed & fence….
….. making cushions……
…. and learning Japanese!
Maureen finding ways of working with what you’ve got. She only had plain flour so added 3 tspns of baking powder to make sure her Victoria sponge cake rose.
Alec’s ‘Steps to Heaven’ – that’s because they lead right to the dining table!
Nice work, Alec!